3RD Year : THE END

Now, when all the work is out of the way, I can finally focus on my Creative CV, portfolio and the showreel. I’ll be updating this post as soon as I’ll have any work to show. Start with the Showreel: Advertisements

3RD Year: Evaluation

The end of this project has come; unfortunately, I didn’t fully make it to the deadline. The animation itself was submitted 4 minutes late and the book was not completed (instead of 5000 thousand words with images, I managed to make around 3700 words).  Since the book itself is one big evaluation, and I didn’t […]

3RD YEAR: Wildfire :O

On the last day of April, I’m finally finished with inks; there are few bits and bobs I’ll need to add during the production (such as hair movement in some scenes), but it takes little to noe time, so I could just do it at home;  Whilst in uni, I will now focus on the […]

3Rd YEAR: Doing work/Ideas/References

Funny enough, hardest parts are scenes that don’t have any action  Here’s an example : (this scene is from Act 3, after characters escape) You might notice, that faces aren’t animated and it’s just 1 drawing, keyframed through the sequence. I had a layer with sketches, that showed the motion and action lines; knowing what […]

3RD Year: Doin work during Easter Break ><

Usually, Easter Breaks are made for students to take a break, chill and have some good time; but it’s not the case for me  After the deadline, I’m carrying on with the work ^^ As I’ve mention, the hardest part of the project was done; all I need to do now is to ink, colour and […]

3RD Year : Deadline is coming…

The deadline is in 10 days, Oh MAaaaaa Gaaaaawd!!!!1 Recently, I’ve watched “Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions”; even though I am a huge fan of the show/game since a very early age, style of the show has never inspired me, as characters looked kinda weird; however, recently, after this film, I had a few […]