3RD YEAR: Run boy Run v2

An amazing example of how a run cycle could be done  Anyway, here are run cycles for both characters; there are different angles, as well as layers, so I can easily separate them and bid them to my will . These are the most difficult cycles to complete, as I can’t get away with small cheats […]

3RD YEAR: Run boy run

After finding a way  to make a simple walk cycle, I’ve been experimenting with it:  here’s an effective way of doing the walk cycle for the main character. In here, this is one of the first scenes of him leaving the ship and going to the city. Basically, all I had to do is to draw the […]

3RD YEAR: A solution found :O

While re-watching my favourite animated show – “Samurai Jack” ,  I’ve noticed something interesting : every time Jack walks slowly, he’s not actually walking, more like gliding. Check out the moment he enters the bar 00:20  Soe, I thought, that I might get away with my animation, by doing the same thing : Nameless does […]

3RD YEAR: Carrying on ಠ-ಠ

A little problem that I had to face : after exporting characters drawn in Adobe Animate and yanking them to TVPAINT, you can see that extra – white inking in the background. That means that I’ll have to import backgrounds made in different software into AA, which will take a lil extra time, but it’s […]

3RD YEAR: To Do List

To do/to improve list : In order to make my animation even more silky-smooth, I’ve been advised to do a couple of things for the animation/animatics I need to separate shots and save them as individual files – it’ll make the workflow and the presentation process even quicker and easier. Not a difficult thing to […]

3RD Year : Working and more ideas

Here’s a completed frame that I will probably use for the final piece. Once again, I had to make a lot of research for this one Covering the mess by shading/rain Could say that on this link, I found the main source for my inspiration; I love how a certain atmosphere was setup by just […]